Indonesia GastroFest 2017. 21 – 23 Juli 2017

  • Tanggal/Date:

    09 – 11 Mei 2017

  • Tempat/Venue:

    ICE BSD City, Tangerang

  • Contact

    PT Dyandra Promosindo.
    The City Tower 7th Floor
    Jl MH Thamrin no 81.
    Jakarta 10310, Indonesia.
    Telp : 021 3199 6077
    Fax : 021 3199 6277


Direction / Maps

“IGF 2017 merupakan sebuah acara yang memiliki karakter menyeluruh mengenai masakan. Bukan hanya yang tersaji, namun juga bertutur mengenai seni yang dihadirkan oleh sebuah sajian.

“Indonesia GastroFest 2017 – A Gastronomical Journey & Beyond”

This event is a tribute to ideology, nationalism, unity, communion, harmony and national identity of Indonesia in featuring regional food and socializing Indonesian culinary art. IGF 2017 would like to invite the public to learn more about Indonesian heritage cuisine, given the wealth of art , regional cuisine is like treasure hidden in a field.

Aside from the culinary art show, IGF 2017 will be the platform dedicated to everyone in the food service industry, from government to private sector, and also public. It is the place where food enthusiasts and exhibitors will come together for businesses and discovering new innovations. A Supply – demand matchmaking place in Food & Beverage industry where you can sample the best new innovations the food service industry has to offer.

Target Participant:
Cooking appliance brands.
Kitchenware brands / Kitchen supplies.
Hotel supplies.
Food packaging.
Food ingredients.
Representatives of each area of the whole province, cities and districts in Indonesia.
Coffee, tea and chocolate entrepreneurs.
Wine Industry.
Diplomatic representatives of the embassies of fellow countries in Jakarta.

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