C3 AFA 2017. ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA. 19 – 20 Agustus 2017

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    C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017
    18 – 20 Agustus 2017
    JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia

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    website: animefestival.asia/afaid/

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C3 AFA 2017. ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA. 19 - 20 Agustus 2017

The collaboration will bring new contents to consumers who are already familiar to both the C3 and Anime Festival Asia brands.

SOZO, part of the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Inc group has been organising Anime Festival Asia since 2008, bringing Japanese pop culture content to South East Asia countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sotsu Co. Ltd is Japanese power house managing animated products such as the famed Mobile Suit Gundam series and producing animated and live-­action programs.

Sotsu and SOZO will unveil the first installment of C3 AFA in June 2017 in Bangkok, continuing with the other cities which they already have experienced track records in, including Jakarta, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong between 2017 and 2018.

RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT Join fhána and many more at I Love Anisong in C3AFA Jakarta 2017! fhána! Aozora no Rhapsody (青空のラプソディ)... https://t.co/eLq1lSdC0I
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RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT Join Kisida Kyodan & THE Akebosi Rockets (岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ) and many more at I Love Anisong in C3AFA... https://t.co/htzndHmsOv
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RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT #PAM17 kradness with Zero no Isou (零の位相)! Arcade rhythm game fans may hear this as it was featured in... https://t.co/j4BFh8WgY8
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RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT Ami Wajima with Eien Loop, one of the theme songs for Kuromukuro! See Ami Wajima at C3 AFA Jakarta's... https://t.co/cP1GaiTPKB
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RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT Teitokus, send out your feelings for Shiena Nishizawa ! Shiena Nishizawa will perform live for fans at... https://t.co/ZuPO73PrLf
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RT @animefestasia: #C3AFAJKT Luna Haruna with Windia, one of the theme songs for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization ! Catch Luna... https://t.co/0DUw0aWVgp
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@Hanarishu Hi, untuk saat ini kami masih menjual tiket phase 1 2-day vip. Untuk pembelian daily vip pass, silahkan… https://t.co/tpD3ZXbMJa
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@mnizaru Hi, silahkan kirim inquiry ke afaid(at)sozo(dot)sg untuk info mengenai stand ☺️
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@yeyendebianto Hi! Untuk tiket selain VIP #C3AFAJKT akan kami umumkan dalam waktu dekat. Pantau terus laman resmi kami, ya😊
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#C3AFAJKT I Love Anisong full lineup! Phase 1 2-day VIP akan menjadi Rp 2,050,000 besok! Beli tiketmu sekarang!… https://t.co/evizSZNTWU
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#C3AFAJKT Pertama kalinya, Japanese cosplayer, Enako, bergabung bersama kami di C3 AFA Jakarta 18 - 20 Agustus !… https://t.co/6Q58eiKZuA
21 22
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#C3AFAJKT Ayo temui Clarissa Punipun di C3 AFA Jakarta ! Dapatkan tiketmu sebelum harganya naik besok disini👇… https://t.co/lwP2wRuzzC
8 16
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#C3AFAJKT DD-Tenka(風牙護) juga akan datang di C3 AFA Jakarta 18 - 20 Agustus! Dapatkan tiketmu sebelum harganya naik… https://t.co/u1H6Wtfm4v
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#C3AFAJKT Ying Tze bergabung di C3 AFA Jakarta 18 - 20 Agustus 2017! Beli tiketmu sekarang!… https://t.co/F7XfPoYZDx
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